CONFIDERI replenishes it's HoReCa projects portfolio 29 May 2018

CONFIDERI replenishes it's HoReCa projects portfolio

CONFIDERI Family office helps its clients invest in Russian HoReCa projects ("Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe/Catering"). Bezhitsa Hotel in Bryansk is yet another implemented project where Marat Savelov acts on behalf of the foreign investor.

A solemn opening ceremony of a new ultra-modern hotel –Grand Hotel Bezhitsa – was held in Bryansk. It's not just a premium hotel, but the first world-class multifunctional complex with spacious, uniquely designed suits, haute cuisine restaurants, a fitness center, and a SPA complex.

The suits interiors are based on exquisitely developed design projects; stylish decor is made from eco-friendly materials.

The refined restaurant with a unique menu concept offers signature dishes from chef Fyodor Gadalov, that are served in a sophisticated way.

The bar offers wines of the best world brands and unique cocktails.

A modern premium-class fitness center is a brand new level of the fitness culture development in the Bryansk region. The list of services includes: a spacious gym with the latest equipment, personal trainer, a swimming pool, a SPA complex, a phyto-bar.

Thanks to the fact that CONFIDERI Family office has close partnership ties with Asia, Singapore in particular, CONFIDERI executive partner Marat Savelov acted on behalf of the foreign investor, managed to provide financing terms that are beneficial for both parties, and became a link between the Russian business and the Asian investor. Grand Hotel Bezhitsa used financing from the key market of CONFIDERI – Singapore.

In an interview during the opening ceremony, Marat Savelov told the press: "For now, we only have a base of the project as we managed to build a high-quality complex. Our next task is to create a very high-level hotel service of world-class standards because the region and the city deserve to have all the available services reach the highest level of quality."

More details about the project on the website:

It's not the first time for Singapore investors to enter the Russian regions: In 2016, Singapore topped the list of foreign investors in Russia, having invested over $16 billion in the economy which amounted to almost one-half of all foreign investments. In 2017, this trend continued – Singapore investors provided $1.4 billion.

Thanks to CONFIDERI, foreign partners have an opportunity to invest in the Bryansk region, particularly, the region's administrative center Bryansk, which is also a key manufacturing center of the region.

The Bryansk region is listed in the most numerous group of regions of the Russian Federation with the 3В1 investment rating ("lowered potential – medium risk"). But in 2017, the Bryansk region's capital investment volume from all its financing resources exceeded 54.8 billion rubles, 52.8% of which are borrowings.

Administration of the Bryansk region aims to create a favorable investment climate in the region, where business partners willing to invest in the development of the region will have their interests effectively protected. The investment activity state support system plays an important and positive role in supporting the investment activity of enterprises. The system operates in accordance with the Bryansk Region Legislation and the long-term special-purpose program "Bryansk Region's Investment Attractiveness Increase."

Agriculture is the most attractive sector of Bryansk's economy for the employment of external resources. For example, Europe's biggest cattle stock farming investment project is being successfully implemented in the region now. Through its implementation, the project has not only provided hundreds of jobs for the region but also became its key taxpayer.

Manufacturing industry is on the 2nd place: metal working, engineering (one of the largest ex-Soviet productine sites Bryansk Machine-Building Plant, Bryansk Automobile Plant etc. are operating in the region).

The sector Transport and Communication is the final member of the Top-3 industries. The region has a very developed transport infrastructure. The roads to Moscow, Kiev, Kharkov, Gomel, Smolensk, Oryol, and Vyazma go through the city. These roads are used for passenger and cargo transportation that are of strategical and international importance.

It's a hub of railways, air-routes, arterial highways, oil and gas pipelines. It is planned to launch a high-speed railroad route to Kiev here. In 2013, a day-time high-speed train Moscow – Bryansk with sitting accommodation was launched.

Bryansk International Airport is located on an international air-route R-22 that connects Moscow with Kiev, Western Europe.

But alongside with the promising industries, there are ones that are left behind and are not enjoying investors' attention at all. Among them – premium-class service industry, business tourism, high-quality infrastructure for maintaining a high quality of life. That's why the ultra-modern, world-class hotel was created for those travelers who value comfort and high-level personalized service.